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72% Dark Chocolate with Marzipan


Oh Marzipan! You are a sweet dream of the past! Flavorful Marzipan originated long ago, simultaneously in many Mediterranean and Middle Eastern areas where almonds commonly grew. The famous Doctor Galen of Pergamon, who practiced around 180 A.D. between Turkey and Rome, also used Marzipan as a treatment. Today L’Amourette’s dreamy signature 72% dark chocolate covers delicious Marzipan made from California grown almonds. Enjoy! ~Andre V Ingredients: Dark Chocolate (Trinitario Cocoa Beans, Cocoa Butter, Cane Sugar, Natural Vanilla) Marzipan (Almond, Cane Sugar, Natural Vanilla, Sunflower Oil) No Preservatives. No Palm Oil. Soy-free and Gluten-free product. Vegan. All natural ingredients.1 case of 12 bars. Please note this bar is made with all natural fresh ingredients with out added any preservatives. Shelf life is 4 month.