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Vintage Illustration from Skip Along-Pages 1 and 2



Beautifully drawn illustrated pages from a well-loved reading primer called Skip Along. The book was used to teach and improve children's reading in the 1930's through the 1950's and is very nostalgic for people who learned to read from this series. If you simply love vintage illustrations, these will help you build nostalgia of your own. The pages here are from the 1947 edition.

The illustrators are Florence and Margaret Hoopes.

Hung in a soldered metal frame between two pieces of glass, the page is viewable from both sides. If hung against a wall, you can turn it around to freshen up your wall! If you are lucky enough to have an open space in which to hang it, you can enjoy both as you come and go. Attached to each corner is a 12" chain so you can hang them together from one hook or hang each chain individually.

These are pages from the original book and do show their age but are overall in very good condition. 

Pages 1 and 2 introduce you to Alice and Jerry

Approx 19 1/2' x 16 1/2" framed and hanging chains on each upper corner are 12"