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Microwave Cozy


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This is one of those things that when you discover, you wonder why no one thought of it before.

This is a cozy in which you can place your bowl or dish, pop it into the microwave for heating, and then, when you take the dish out, the cozy protects your hands from the heat instead of you grabbing the dish by the tips of your fingers and hurrying it out of there before you get burned. This way, you can easily grab your bowl and remove it without fear of burning your fingerprints off, unless of course you are considering a life of crime.

Works best for a dish or bowl with a base diameter up to 5" wide. 

Cozy itself is approx 5" high and approx 9 1/2" in diameter

The maker uses a number of fabric combinations and all cannot be listed. Different colors and fabrics cozies will be listed at a time and listings will change with sales. 

Made by Madtown Designs