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The Deliciouser Spices




A spicy blend of crushed Calabrian chilies mixed with sweet, dried tomatoes, basil, toasted fennel seeds and the slightest hint of red wine vinegar. Great with chicken, seafood, pasta, and meatballs.

Main Ingredients: Calabrian chillies, tomatoes, basil, and toasted fennel seeds

Deliciouser with: pasta, meatballs, goat cheese, tomato salads


Deer Camp:

Inspired by the smoke and flames of live-fire cooking and made with the hunter in mind, this seasoned salt stands up to all types of wild game and meat cookery. Its versatility makes it a sure bet to become a pantry favorite not limited to the carnivore.

Main ingredients: sea salt, ginger, licorice root, and Szechuan peppercorns

Deliciouser with: venison, beef, pork, lamb, wild game, beans, tomatoes, roast duck, halibut, salmon, trout, seafood soups and stews



A complex blend that conjures up the spirit of Oaxaca’s central market and its famous seven moles. The region’s most distinct culinary flavors are the smoked chili peppers and toasted aromatics layered with subtle sweet flavors. This complex combination shows that Mexico stands firmly in the pantheon of the globe’s most sophisticated and delicious cuisines.

Main Ingredients: assorted chili peppers, onions, raw cocoa, Mexican oregano, tomato

Deliciouser with: slow braised chicken, turkey and pork, rice, black beans, portobello mushrooms, tortilla soup, enchiladas, tacos, chili, quesadillas


Signature Salt:

This is our house blend of sea salt with a bold mix of coarsely ground herbs, spices and a pop of citrus.

Main Ingredients: sea salt, citrus peel, black lime powder, and coriander

Deliciouser with: grilled beef and pork, roasted chicken, quail and duck, eggs, green vegetables, fresh fruit, shrimp, snapper, halibut, salmon, fresh or sautéed greens



This is our interpretation of Shichimi Togarashi or “Seven Spice”: a well-balanced Japanese table seasoning. The spices work in harmony and were first mixed by herbalists in 17th century Edo, modern day Tokyo.

Main Ingredients: chili peppers, ginger, soy sauce, garlic

Deliciouser with: noodle soups, rice, eggs, tofu, ramen, chicken, avocados, salmon, black cod, fried chicken, popcorn



Born in the French Quarter of Puducherry, India. This blend contains all the flavors of a bold curry, mellowed with sweet onions, shallots, and garlic.

Main Ingredients: onions, shallots, garlic, mustard seeds, and cumin

Deliciouser with: chicken, shrimp, lamb, rice, eggs, egg salad, coconut milk, chickpeas, potatoes, roasted squash soups, cauliflower steaks